Friday, 1 December 2017

Gam Nail [PFNA]

The New Gama Nail design is adapted to the anatomical situation in small stature d patients.The medial-lateral angle of 5° allows insertion at the tip of the greater trochanter.The Helical blade compacts the cancellous bone providing additional anchoring, which is especially important in osteoporosis bone. Used for the fixation of Pertrochanteric fractures ,Intertrochanteric fractures ,High subtrochanteric fractures,Ipsilateral trochanteric fractures,Combination fractures (in the proximal femur) ,Pathological fractures.

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Small Fragment – Locked

Locking plate and screw systems have advantages over the conventional screw systems. Conventional plate and screw systems require precise adaptation of the plate to the bone segments and the occlusion relationship. As the screws are tightened, they " Lock" to the plate, thus stabilizing the segments without the need to compress the bone to the plate. This makes it impossible for the screw insertion to after the reduction. The possible advantages to this property of a locking plate and screw system is a decreased incidence of inflammatory complications from loosing of hardware

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Interlocking Nail

A Interlocking Nail inserted into the intramedullary canal to act as an immobilization device to hold the two ends of a fractured long bone in the

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